Your son misses you too when not you?

For its own growth, in life your child has to get used to separate you from time to time.

When left to sleep in another house, or go camping, maybe it will spend days and nights outside his home. This process can be painful. How can you help your child gain more independence and to enjoy these experiences?

Practice slowly. The first big separation usually happens when your child starts going to school. In my school there are children first and second grade who still miss their home at the beginning of the school year.

The school offers an important opportunity to learn to build relationships with people outside the family. Take advantage of offers extracurricular activities and invitations from friends for your child to learn that it is not always fun to be with mom.

Make sure you keep busy. If you choose a camp or give permission to go somewhere with friends, it is important to know the program. Interactive and varied activities will not let you get lost in thought or sad.