Your daughter is very sensitive?

How often does your daughter takes everything to heart and suffers for comments or actions of their peers? Cries it be easy? You have to think before you say something to not hurt your feelings?

Sensitive children feel everything intensely, and have the ability to detect or imagine the intentions of others. They tend to be perceptive people who can read between the lines to find out what others feel.

However, having a sensitive child can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems that the girl is made of glass, and you can feel the need to be Dad helicopter to protect it from any snub.

Also, you see what happens not so good, as it draws attention frequent state of distress.

How can you help you control your emotions and be more balanced in their reactions?

1. Teach him to speak.

Why cry? Teach him to talk about their feelings and try to explain what happens.

There are children who are accustomed to mourn but say nothing.

Do not fall into this game because it has no end, and if your child does get your attention so you will strengthen the habit of doing tantrum without speaking.

When your child is calm, show the rule: If something happens to you, you have to say. If you cry do not understand and I can not help.

2. Czech health.

If you see your child often becomes hysterical with no apparent cause, you should watch your diet and sleep habits. Nutritional imbalances can cause mood swings. Being tired or supercharged sugar can return the sensitive and irritable.

Watch eat and sleep their hours to rest well and have the opportunity to exercise, so that your body is healthy and strong.

3. Measure your reactions.

It is one thing to be sensitive and other manipulative be. Be sure not to be encouraging excessive sensitivity with your reactions. If every tear from it achieves an emotional response from you, then there will be tears every time.

If mourn truly is part of the personality of your daughter learn to accept it and not give much importance. So she did not engage in tantrum as a method to get your attention.

Is crying? Nothing happens. He’ll get over it.

4. Dale options.

Sometimes the “sensitivity” is nothing other than a low frustration tolerance. By not getting what you want, maybe your daughter is no alternative and cries of desperation for not knowing how to handle their impotence.

We must empower talking about options. “You can not do the sum that the teacher left you in the task? Nothing happens. Breathe and think how to solve this problem. ”

Then you can give some suggestions and offer your support as long as she stops mourn and take a decision on how it will act.

Children cry for all frequently are used to get others to solve them all. In addition to cast laziness they are left with a false image of themselves. “Ay, ay, ay, I can not, I can not!”

IF you intervene to save her at this time, you’re reinforcing the idea that it is a useless, weak and needy, victim and martyr.

5. Encourage frequent contact with their peers.

One of my nieces had grown around the kindergarten and primary part in the company of pure adult women. He had rarely interacted with men.

Then, spend some time with his cousin (my son) caused very sensitive reactions.

“It’s very tough. It is a pig. I want to paste. “And he released mourn. I did not know that the children run, push and shout no intention to hurt anyone, simply because they are playing.

If you see that your daughter has very little tolerance for children their age, their sensitivity is causing problems and you need help to become stronger.

Enter it in a team sport to have the experience of normal and vigorous physical interaction between children. Saber team play will help you become more flexible and tolerant, and to understand the difference between play and aggression.

6. Explode your personality.

Sensitive children may have a special affinity for the arts, because their emotions are raw skin. Give your child the opportunity to paint, sing or write to translate their feelings and get to deepen their very particular interpretation of the world.

Also they tend to be sensitive empathetic as they have a high level of perception of emotions. They are the typical people who cry in movies and truly suffer from the misadventures of his friends.

This quality is admirable and necessary in building lasting friendships. Help your daughter to express their own emotions and to manage them to leverage their sensitivity to understand and help others.

7. Teach him to sharpen their sensitivity.

The truly sensitive people have a special consideration for others’ feelings, and that can sense and feel firsthand.

It is therefore important to teach your daughter to apply their feeling in a generous way, being able to worry about your feelings too and trying to take care of yourself, not causing you distress with tears or tantrums.

Sensitive people who train their gift of perception can be real gems in the family.