Why do not you have to make herbal tea in pregnancy?

Herbs, although natural, no drugs no longer have qualities and effects on your health. The problem is that, unlike their counterparts drug, the effects of herbal tea in pregnancy and your baby have not been studied, and therefore its major flaw is our lack of knowledge.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English) does not regulate the use of herbs in any of its presentations, including tea. In pregnancy, this entails three major risks

The general recommendation is to avoid FDA herbs completely during pregnancy.

There are also several organizations dedicated to the study of natural medicines and categorized according to their effectiveness and risk. The comprehensive database of Natural Medicines, for example, categorizes all herbs as food “unsafe”, “probably not sure” or “insufficient information”, so, again, the recommendation is that you avoid During pregnancy.

In his book Waiting for my baby: a guide to pregnancy for Latinas, the author Lourdes Alcaniz details some of the most popular herbs in the Spanish-speaking countries. She also recommends avoiding herbs during pregnancy, and categorizes them according to their potential impact, ranging from “can cause contractions” and “stimulates bleeding” to “cause abnormalities in the fetus.” None of these possible effects sounds like it worth a cup of tea.

Our article you can take a pregnant: the most popular herbal tea, recommendations and risks in pregnancy explains the possible effects of different teas and medical recommendation for each.

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