When bad things happen to good people

Ten years ago on September 12, my younger elementary students spent recess “playing” terrorism. “Hey, you’re a Twin Tower, and I am the plane, and I’ll hit you (BOOM!) And You’re going to fall like that! (PAS!) “Horrified, I rushed to stop them. But I did not know what to say.

In this age of mass information, how can you talk to your children about the terrible things that happen? You can not deny their existence, or insensitive to children again accepting the unacceptable, and neither is better loaded with fears and concerns that are not theirs.

You can do the following

If your child does not show any reaction to a tragedy that talks, looks and discussed everywhere, worry. It can be blocked by the post-traumatic disorder. Watch it to make sure it is not too affected.

Some symptoms of post-traumatic disorder are