What a child thinks

I was recently reviewing a page I like to Facebbok, it is the page of Pedagogy Unitec, where occasionally find articles and reflections that make me think that make me want to investigate further, or I just like and want to share.

The text that today the public is a simple reflection of a child to his parents, something that all of us who are parents should read, that makes us put ourselves in a small, makes us think like him, feel him and talk as he.

One of the most beautiful qualities that we can and must cultivate adults is precisely the empathy, the ability to put ourselves in the zapatpos of others. This is the text

MAMI Y PAPI; 1. “My hands are small and so I drop but do not want milk;. 2.” My legs are short, please wait for me and walk slower, and can walk with you. 3 .- “Do not hit me on the hands when I play something and bright color … I just want to learn;. 4.” Please look at me when I speak.

You can listen to this call sometimes expressed verbally and sometimes not, because the children think in silence.