Vacationing with your children: how to best enjoy family time

We all long to reach the holidays and have free time to enjoy many activities. Especially at the time of end of the year, time with the family is a priority. However, when the time comes, we often do not take advantage of.

How to ensure that the holidays are a time of approach for the whole family? It is a great opportunity for your children to create fond memories of travel and family gatherings.

If you plan to leave or stay at home, it is important to anticipate to make every minute count. Invite your children to speak, to investigate and to organize a schedule for the whole family enjoy special activities.

A month or two weeks before the holiday, sit with them and fill the calendar: If it’s December, where they will spend the holidays? With cousins ​​or grandparents?

What are the traditions that they observe, and what to do to prepare? We must set aside time to buy gifts, make special food, go to church. Your children can enjoy the season much better if they start making plans to enjoy before you.

If you’re going to be free, do not waste your opportunities to spend quality time with your children. Commit yourself to go jogging early with your child, or to breakfast with your daughter. Read a favorite book with your children at night, or share a movie and desvélense a while.

Do not let the hustle of normal life you eat the precious minutes that can go together.

You may have to take some daily responsibilities at another time. If you get up early to keep up to date with your e-mail, or you go to bed later picking up your room, it is an investment well made.

it is also suspend certain activities until after the holidays. the world will not fall if not shake the furniture or go to the gym daily during this short time.

Holidays are an opportunity for you and your children return to contact uncles, cousins ​​and grandparents who by distance or lack of time can not be seen often.

These connections are very important to the identity and sense of belonging of your children. Try to plan a quality time to live with relatives.

Prepare your children to optimize this experience teaching and telling photos of your experiences with these families, so they are willing to value time with them.

If they go traveling, taking into account the needs of your children and expects to have to sleep at a reasonable hour, and to take the food necessary to keep the peace.

If they stay at home, but have visitors it is important to take the normal routine regarding mealtimes and sleep. So you support your children so that they are in optimal condition to enjoy the holidays with you.

Coexistence and quality time are the priority. However, being together 24/7 can be overwhelming. You and your children need a little bit of freedom.

Plan a getaway for coffee with your friends or your partner. Let your kids have time to be with grandma or go without you to the home of a friend.

So they appreciate the time they share. If you manage this time to be nice, you’re helping your children build important memories of his childhood.