Tips for moms who work outside the home

Moms who work outside the home often feel guilty, sad, anxious or stressed, and that is not easy to find a balance between parenting and working life. Having a baby, spend a few months and also have little time for postpartum recovery can be challenging, but with some organization, good advice and patience, there are many ways to achieve harmony between home and work.

So do not despair, rather follow these tips and set your priorities. If you have to work and can not spend much time with your baby, focus on the time you spend is quality, and if you can relax your schedule, enjoy those extra moments.


Do not believe the story that you can be the wonder woman, if you work and you’re a mom, you will probably have to sacrifice things of working life, and things of parenting, to reach a healthy balance between these two worlds. Women can not be perfect in everything we do, because we do so many things that we can not devote 100% to one.

What you must remember is that no matter if your house is a little messy, if you atrasaste in laundry, if your baby has the same pajama day before or if you are too tired to cook and you get something out of the freezer for dinner, is not a sin if you did not finish your work when you wanted to, you’ll organize you to finish.