Three activities to stimulate the five senses in babies

Babies learn to know the environment in which they live through experimentation, so it is important to encourage them with fun and guided games, depending on their age.

Then I give you three good ideas to do at home with your baby, you can do each game once a week.


For babies 6 to 12 months

What do you need

Search a trunk, a plastic box, a large pail or any container that does not have removable parts or fiudas points that might hurt the baby. Apart gets several toys of different shapes and sizes, without being too small to fit into the baby’s mouth (it is dangerous to swallow a small piece because you can get stuck). You can get colored cubes, balls of different sizes, foams and sponges, sounds toys, plastic dolls, etc …

How to play

Locate your baby against the trunk of treasures and encourage him to take and put everything you find, for it will be a world of textures, sounds and colors to discover.

You can repeat this game every week, bringing the treasures for your baby to be surprised every time without losing interest.


For infants 10 to 20 months

What do you need

plasticized paper or plastic tablecloth food of different colors, textures and sizes. Containers of different sizes, a roller, a strainer and water.

How to play

Let your baby on the floor on the tablecloth, it is better to be alone with his diaper that can get dirty and feel the different textures on your body. Pásale food you’ve chosen, you can go combining different foods such as wheat flour, corn starch, gelatin flavors, cooked pasta of different types, pieces of fruit, etc …

Offer him your baby plastic containers, roller, strainer and water. This is all your baby needs to play, move things from one side to another, forming masses and pasta, combine colors, textures feel, smell, touch and experience.

When you repeat this game, remember your baby offer another range of food packaging to surprise him and keep him interested, try not to repeat the same things.


Make sure your baby does not have any allergies to any food you offer for this activity, since the idea is that to try out. You should also take into account that whatever you offer will become part of your diet, other foods that already have entered in feeding solids.


For children one year

What do you need

Toys and various objects such as plastic containers of different shapes and sizes, molds silocona cooking, cardboard tubes, balls, caps recycled (not canned), fabrics, foams, sponges, muéquitos stuffed or plastic, etc. …

Three bags.

Cardboard boxes.

How to play

Mete 10 similar objects in each bag, for example in a bag you can put all the animals, in other balls, in another cardboard tubes and another red things.

Locate your son on the floor and empty every frete bag to him to see what belongs to each bag. Now pásale cardboard boxes and leave to order everything inside those boxes as he seems. Your child will be well entertained for a long time trying to sort it all again, this love children of this age. After a while back with the bags and ask your child to re-put everything in its order. Surely you can not do it alone, so help him understand how to select and how to understand the differences and similarities between objects that have in frete.