The characteristics of a true friend

One of the biggest challenges for children is to understand the rules of friendship. In my school work, I find myself constantly talking to kids about what friends do and not do, and how to be and have a true friend.

At home your daughter has her first lessons about friendship in interactions with siblings and cousins. Family members can teach you a lot about healthy and friendly relations.

However, it is likely that the day comes when your baby suffer for a friendship.

It is precisely the time when you can help him, remembering the following about true friendship.

1. Friends are not perfect.

As much as you want someone and have great moments of understanding with him or her, there are no perfect friends, perfect moments do not last either.

Your daughter needs to understand that his friends have their bad moments and the relationship of openness and trust can not exist every day.

For example, friends can have commitments ajenosque occupy them at home and we can not see.

That does not mean we’re not friends. We must accept that friendship has its ups and downs, like all human relationships.

2. Friends share interests.

The basis of a friendship is forged by an interest in common bond. It can be a sport or hobby that both enjoy a common view or experience who have shared in the past.

Friends do not have to agree on everything, but it’s good to identify what unites them.

For example, when your daughter is sad because her soul mate is not doing case, we can help think about the things they have in common. Being neighbors in the same street and the same age could have joined them when they were smaller, but perhaps no longer have the same interests.

For a friendship to last, it is necessary that the two friends continue to share experiences and common interests.

3. Not all friendships last forever.

When people grow, change, and uses. It is normal that no longer juntes you with all your childhood friends, because obviously some of them have taken very different paths to yours.

Although it might be a nice memory, the relationship has not grown or continued.

At different times in our life we ​​feel an emotional tie with different people.

Therefore, do not let your daughter get the idea of ​​eternal friend. If the former best friend no longer gets along so well with her, encourage her to seek other options.

It helps a lot if you have activities in different environments where you can relate to a variety of children. The school is just one of many options: she can have friends in the sports club in the painting class and the grandmother’s house in addition to their school peers.

4. Friends do not you condition.

Friends do not say, “If you do this, you’re not my friend.”

People who want to control others by threatening not know how to be friends. The true friend lets you be and do not require check your loyalty with submission to his will.

Teach your child to be careful with this kind of “friends”. She must be totally free to act as she would be born without feeling the pressure to obey someone to gain their friendship.

5. Friends can have other friends.

In my experience, for kids this is the most difficult to accept. If your daughter has a very dear friend, maybe it’s painful to see this little girl happily playing with other children. And it is even harder to accept that there will be times when this friend will prefer the company of others.

To support your child, help him to open his own circle of friends, taking with more than one person. That will show that we can all have several friends with different attributes that we enjoy and that enrich us.

6. You do not have to be the life of the party to have friends.

Your daughter is shy? Does not matter. Even if it costs work to address other people and start conversations, anyway you can have your friends.

In fact, people who know how to listen before speaking are very popular in the world of friendships.

It is important to help your child to distinguish between appearances and reality. The most active and noisy girl not always much fun, and although it may have many followers, not all are your true friends.

Being popular is not the same as having friends.

7. The friendship is personal.

Although as mom or dad you wanted to send to make perfect friends for your daughter, you can not. No one but she is able to recognize this spark another flame to be her friend.

So respects the personality and tastes of your daughter, and if I have friends who are not your total satisfaction, try to find a positive side.

And if you see your daughter alone, do not try to push it to relate to someone you choose.

What you can do is give you options, involving them in a variety of activities to help you discover your talents and tastes, and brought into contact with a variety of potential friends.

8. A good self-esteem is the foundation of a healthy friendship.

Does your child feel good about herself? Then you will be free to choose their friends to share common interests and not by the desperate need to belong.

If she is already quiet with its own position you will not have to earn the attention of pseudo friends who feed subjecting their followers.

Home helps your child feel safe so you can build strong and healthy relationships of friendship.