The 10 best websites to consult medical referrals

We are literally bombarded by information, so it is vital to navigate and know which are the best websites to consult reliable medical references, from sources qualified in the field of health.

With this in mind, we share the 10 best websites for medical consultations, which we believe provide reliable information in both English and Spanish. Although you should never replace consultation and advice of the pediatrician, these virtual sources can help you ascertain what treatments and drugs are better for the health of your child. Some offer audiovisual material, others like the National Library of Medicine in the US They offer countless research on current issues. The content is generous, multilingual and also has the backing of medical authorities such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), among others.

What interesting is that you are not alone when queries about the health of your child, thousands of people around the world do daily.

Sources: Photo by: Pew Research Center, American Academy of Pediatrics. Photo by: Liveandrock