Ten Myths of diseases / sexually transmitted infections

• I can not catch it by skin contact

That’s true for some STDs / STIs. Syphilis and herpes are the type of diseases that are transmitted through skin to skin contact, even when no visible rashes or outbreaks.

• Only promiscuous people spread; Abstinence is a way to protect yourself from STDs / STIs. The point is that abstinence means different things to different people.

• The first time I can not infect me While you have (vaginal, oral or anal) sex with someone who has an STD / STI, you run the risk of becoming infected. The same applies to pregnancy. With a single sexual encounter vaginal type you can get pregnant, no matter what number might be.

• When practicing sex in a pool or jacuzzi chlorine kills the infection / Me can become infected if I’m in a pool or jacuzzi someone with an STD / STI used; Chlorine does not kill parasites, bacteria or viruses that cause STDs / ITS. If so, they would be part of the treatments and the world in general, I would not be so worried about them;. On the other hand, although the chlorine and chemicals with which pools are treated can not kill the microorganisms that cause STD / STI also can not be transmitted without sexual contact or being exposed to medical instruments such as needles, contaminated.