Teamwork family

To develop skills to success in life, there is nothing like teamwork. At home you can take the family to teach your children to collaborate with others, sharing responsibilities and views.

Working together for one purpose can provide the following benefits to your children

In a collaborative work, personal strengths of each team member are.

For example, if you get together with your kids to throw a party, there will be who is imaginative to devise a theme, one that can draw and design invitations, one that is organized to plan times and placement of furniture, someone with good seasoning for food and finally the person to whom everyone knows by extroverted and pull people to attend the pachanga.

Obviously, the results of this teamwork will be much richer than what anyone could achieve alone.

To work together in family where everyone is valued for their contributions, each of your children can begin to locate their own strengths. You too will realize the same thing to go pouring batons and supporting their self-esteem.

During a team project, there will be opportunity for more than one leader on the road. As everyone can not do the same at the same time, it is important to highlight the leading role of each of your children in different time.

The more they can, varien activity so that everyone has the chance to send others for ratitos.

For example, if you are making pan de muerto, you can go past the recipe child each child to take care of telling others what to do.

In a team, you have to follow a sequence with clearly defined tasks for each person.

If your children help you plan the activity before starting it, invite them to specify how long to take each part of the task, who is going to do and what materials are needed.

Collaborate team gives each of your children a sense of the importance of their part of the job. Without their contribution can not achieve the same results.

Therefore, it is important to make everyone feel the responsibility to fulfill, as his effort is necessary for the success of all.

To carry out a collaborative activity, you have to know how to listen, talk and express ideas and feelings.

Good communication between siblings, parents and children is necessary to start up the project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

If you try to organize your kids to collaborate and do not succeed, it starts asking all his views, and demanding that all attend the contribution of each.

Working together gives them a common goal to family members. Sacrifice personal time spent on the responsibilities of the office or business matters can be difficult, but worth it.

Quality time invested in collaborative work will yield great results: your children will have the opportunity to seek the common good and identify with the values ​​and family goals.

Through these experiences, ties between them and their parents will straitened you.

Children who have the experience of sharing family activities and projects feel loved and important members of a group that accepts unconditionally.

They identify with the family and feel the support of their parents and siblings to achieve goals and solve problems.