Take baby in winter

Can I get my baby during the winter?

Sure, you can take your baby in winter if well sheltered with special clothing for baby and is very cold climates. The outputs during this season are so important for the baby and you.

What is the minimum temperature where I can take my baby?

I live in Canada, a country where winter is stronger, and here the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that children under 2 years not taken out when the temperature is below -12 degrees Celsius, if the thermometer more than that, you can go out and do short rides in the car, and even take your baby in a front loader.

Can I use a charger to go with my baby?

Yes, you can use a front end loader, so yours body heat will warm your child. However you should not use a charger where the baby stays in your back, because the child is very exposed to wind and cold.

What if it out in the car?

If you get by car, and you live in a place where heavy snow falls, it is good to shop large car tires not getting stuck in the snow. The car is good to put one of those sleeping bags (sleeping bag) with zipper to protect the baby more. It is also good to buy a special car transparent plastic to cover the baby in case of high winds or snow.

How long can I be out?

It is recommended that babies are out in winter maximum for an hour together, if you’ve spent an hour is good to seek shelter a long time before exposing again the baby cold.

The outputs of half an hour for a ride in the car are ideal. The fresh air feels very well to children if they are well protected.

Many babies are put very, very red cacheticos with the cold and wind, so it’s good that you put yours a little moisturizer before going out, or Vaseline, calendula or shea in their cachetitos. There are several special creams for babies, and now there are many organic options.

If despite the cold is very sunny, you should put sunscreen on a baby’s face, if more than 6 months.

How should I dress the baby?

The baby should be dressed in layers of clothing. Below you must put something cool like a light body, desp├ęs can put a calientita pajamas and then the suit winter special. The suit can be waterproof if you’re going to be in the snow. You can also put the body and above it a warm trousers, a little shirt and a bag if it’s freezing, and then winter outfit.

Remember that when entering a heated place as a store, or metro, it is important to open the winter outfit. If you come to a place like a house or a mall and you’ll stay a while, you must remove at least one of the layers of your child to prevent sweat and water that wet clothes.

It covers very well the baby’s head, remember that head much body heat is lost. Looking for a hat that covers your ears also because this part of the body cools very easy.

It also covers very well the feet and hands of the baby. Do not forget to half although it winter outfit you put your son, and hands always carry them with mittens.


Do not leave your baby in winter if cold or sick. Wait for it to heal back to expose the cold.