Sports and games for special children

We all need to play sports and games to maintain health and special children are no exception to the rule.

Children with various medical conditions such as limited motor skills, hearing or visual impairments, language disorders or intellectual limitations need to receive therapy, exercises or additional support at home and school.

For disabled people, sport can enable physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration. The sport becomes a force that provides social contact, as explained by the CDC.

Play basketball

One option for disabled people who have enough functionality in the upper limbs to move a wheel chair is the wheelchair basketball, which follows the basic rules of conventional basketball and provides the opportunity to achieve useful skills in everyday life.

The wheelchair basketball is played on a track exactly like conventional basketball, with the same dimensions, the same ball, the baskets at the same height and triple line at the same distance.

While gaming systems are very similar to those of conventional basketball player to player defenses, zone or locks they are of great importance in wheelchair basketball. Paralympicos there are games that have served the population of disabled children.

practice aerobics

Another option may be to practice aerobics wheelchair, provided that the music is the rhythm of low intensity (120 to 130 beats per minute) and specific movements are avoided as torsion, the asymmetric arms, excessive movements of arms above the shoulders and trunk flexion and extension.

The aerobics wheelchair users should include specific exercise mainly shoulders, elbows and wrists routines.

Here we share some of the physical activities for children with special needs

Playing with balloons

Games with balloons serve to encourage motor skills in a fun way like hitting, grabbing or kicking. Inflate large brightly colored balloons and hit it with various body parts. Make sure the balloons are always away from the mouth and collect balloons go breaking. If the child has a visual impairment, Try tying a bell to the balloon.

Exercising with the Labyrinth

Assemble the walls of a maze with bent and straight mats or sheets hung over the back of chairs, including several entries. Calculate enough to accommodate wheelchairs and support walls so that a child with visual impairment can skate around the space.

Target shooting

Paint a target on a sheet, or cósale Atele bells and hang it in a safe place. Allow children will throw small balls or beanbags filled. Invite a child to help other visually impaired to point to ring the bells. If the child has limited motor skills let him approach the target.

Coordination practice the game of Statues

Ask the children to close their eyes and move your arms, legs and head to the beat of the music. When the music stops, the children stand still and after a while they open their eyes to see how they were.

You bring

If a child is in a wheelchair, ask to form team with the child brings. Every child should stay playing go touching the chair until all children have been touched.

A move Scarves

Children can move brightly colored scarves to the beat of the music. Use a soft elastic to secure the scarf to the wrist or ankle of children with limited motor skills.

There are various organizations dealing with sports people with physical discpacidades


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