Prohibited foods during pregnancy: sushi

All meats you eat during pregnancy, regardless of type, should be well cooked, and therefore, the sushi is first in the list of forbidden foods during pregnancy.

But if you love Japanese cuisine, stay calm. Before enrolling your chopsticks, check our list of sushi allowed for pregnant women.

Yes suggestions can eat sushi (cooked)

Try also visit restaurants that follow the rules of hygiene and proper food handling. Even if you choose a sushi roll with cooked ingredients, your food could become contaminated by contact with raw fish when serving, store or prepare it, and the same can put you at risk.

You must not eat

There are two main reasons why the sushi is out of the diet of pregnant: pollution and mercury content.

Raw fish may be contaminated by bacteria, toxins or parasites that can make you sick to you and harm your baby. Remember that you are more susceptible to disease and infections because your immune system is weakened during pregnancy. The risk going from mild convalescence to pregnancy loss.

Another problem of eating raw meat is handling food. Although restaurants tend to follow strict hygiene standards, just a cook or worker fishmonger not wash your hands, do not refrigerate the fish well or accidentally expose it to contamination. Many of the risks associated decrease when cooked, but in the case of raw fish, stay completely exposed.

The prohibition also applies to seafood shellfish such as oysters, mussels and clams. Also left out smoked fish that need refrigeration (such as smoked salmon), the slightly cooked or processed which acid as a means of cooking (ceviche style).

Consuming too much mercury during pregnancy can harm the baby’s central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Some of the fish with the highest mercury content are swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tilefish (big head). These are prohibited throughout pregnancy, whether raw or cooked.

As for seafood low in mercury, such as shrimp, salmon, tilapia and catfish (catfish), Drug Administration and US Food Administration (FDA) recommends that you limit the amount you eat to no more than 12 ounces per week, even when cooked.


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