Normal after childbirth

Many moms are wondering how to get back to normal after having a baby, well, if normal means for them to recover the life they had before being moms, the answer is never. So simple, ever.

Being a mother is another step of the way, it is another state of mind, and when we embark on this wonderful adventure no turning back. The challenges change, the everyday changes, plans and priorities change, everything changes.

It’s completely normal to feel the desire for physical recovery, autonomy and independence, and there are many good ways to balance our lives as moms to combine with our work and other activities, but do not rush to regain our previous pace, simply to let time pass, the body adapts and we know our baby well to understand and have some marked routines. Your body needs rest, you need to adjust to your new situation and your baby needs you.

A few hours after birth

If after having your baby bathe you feel like you can do it as long as you have not had an epidural and you feel strong enough to keep you standing alone.

If after having your baby feel like eating can with the consent of your doctor or midwife. If you had a natural birth you’ll probably eat whenever you want, while if your baby was born through a cesarean section is likely to have to wait a little longer.

If after having your baby you feel tired and want to sleep a little, you can, if you can. If you are accompanied by someone you can ask right after the baby eat take it, change it and sleep so you can get some rest until the next batch of food.

A few days after delivery

If you want to leave a little you can do in the moment when you feel good and comfortable two or three days after delivery you can start making short trips that do not require much physical effort.

During pregnancy you had to restrict some foods such as sausages, undercooked meat and raw fish, now you can incorporate these foods into your diet. Note that if you are breastfeeding should shelve alcoholic beverages (you can sip a glass of wine from time to time) and avoid some foods that can be heavy for the baby.

If you are thinking of making a strict diet, this is not the time to do it. Your body needs energy, vitamins and minerals to recover from the enormous effort of having a baby for nine months and have given birth. If you take care of your diet and eat a healthy and balanced way you do not have to do strict diets, plus if you’re breastfeeding you lose weight very quickly.

If you want to exercise you can start very slowly, let your body recover and ask your doctor when it is wise to start doing short walks, stretching, yoga, pilates, swimming, crunches, and so on. Always starts with simple things and sees increasing intensity depending on how you feel, your body is going to dictate what you can really do.

If you had a caesarean you must be careful to make efforts like carrying a lot of weight, points of operation can be released if too much pressure on the abdomen is made.

A few months after birth

To resume your sex life is wise to spend at least 6 weeks postpartum recovery. From that moment your doctor will sign to resume your sex life seen. Please note that breastfeeding alone is not a contraceptive method.

If you go back to work you must think through who will care for your baby, you can leave with someone in your family, or you can hire a nanny. You should also think if you want to continue breastfeeding, if you do.