Myths 3, 4, and 5

Myth 3: I was not sure if I wanted to have the baby; This myth is completely powered by guilt, not like the previous resulting in guilt, therefore it is one of the most damaging in terms of emotions through which passes the mother .; It’s completely normal to worry about how a child will impact and change your life, your relationship with your partner, your relationships, your family situation and living with your children (if you already have), your work situation and even your body.

Myth 4: It is a sign that will not be good mother’s miscarriage does not discriminate between good and bad mothers.

Myth 5: My body has any fault or defect; the contrary, however paradoxical it sounds, in the medical world spontaneous abortion (isolated) is a sign that your body had the ability to fertilize an egg and implant. In fact, if the abortion was caused by a chromosomal fails then your body is working perfectly, did what he had to do.