more comfortable positions for sexual relations in pregnancy

Many women claim to have more pleasure during sex during pregnancy, perhaps because of the raging hormones, sensitivity in the erogenous zones and increased blood flow. And although sex can become somewhat complicated as your pregnancy progresses, it’s nothing that a little creativity can not solve. The key is to find the positions that best suit you to have sex during pregnancy.

For more sexual enjoyment you should look for a position that is comfortable and pleasurable for both. Do not worry about hurting the baby, as it is well protected by the placenta, and both have a healthy pregnancy (without risk or complications) and your doctor does not contraindicate, sexual relations are permitted itself. All you have to care is not long lie on your back or your right side (details below).

Remember that penetration or intercourse is only one part of sexual intercourse and fondling, kissing, stimulation and connection with your partner heavier when reaching orgasm.

These suggestions can be the starting point for a very pleasant relationship for both, but you can experience different positions and activities while you take these precautions