How to say I’m pregnant? Creative Ideas to announce a pregnancy

Can you convert one of the most special moments in life when something out of this? Maybe it’s gluttony, like adding condensed milk to a chocolate bar, but find a special way to announce your pregnancy increases the excitement of the moment and make unique souvenirs.

Creativity is unnecessary, since ideas abound on the Internet, and here are a few of my favorites. Some are more elaborate, more classic, and most leverage technology.

A shirt for dad

A Alejandro surprised him with the news in the most appropriate day: Father’s Day. “My wife told me she was going to the lab to see if a niece was pregnant” and he fell on the joke, “the test was for her.”

The best of his shirt is that it kills two birds with one stone: piropea announces pregnancy and his wife with his message “I love my pregnant wife”.

Other options available on the Internet, use phrases like “future World’s Best Dad”, “father-2014”, “dad in process” or more humorous as options, “she eats for two, volume three” and “The Embarazador “(use this link to compare prices for future dad shirts on the Internet).

One of my favorite ideas is to photograph the reaction of the family. The execution is simple: you ask your family or victims of the joke to pose for a photograph. Once in position, counting to three instead of asking them to smile or say cheese, whiskey or whatever you use in your country, tell them “baby!” or “I’m pregnant!”.

I love this idea because you can capture photos or video in the initial reaction of your loved ones, these expressions are priceless.

On YouTube I found these videos for you to see how it works and some reactions. In some cases up to announce that the mother is pregnant with twins two “attempts to photograph” different.

The news of pregnancy is one of those intimate moments between the couple … and perhaps a few thousand users of YouTube. The funny pregnancy announcement videos are fashionable, from the Harlem Shake up rap songs and Vanilla Ice. You believe them and sharing, social media are responsible for the rest.

I did not find songs in Spanish to announce pregnancy, but that just means you’d be the first to do and the choices are endless.

T-shirts older siblings require little explanation. What would the grandparents or your husband when your little greet him wearing this shirt or balloons that? If you have time (and patience), you can buy a Big Brother T-online (use this link to compare prices for Big Brother t).

If the urgency prevents you buy the shirt, you can go to a label, like Mary: “As came out positive pregnancy test would tell my husband, could not wait, but I wanted nothing more to say ‘I’m pregnant’ I wanted to do something a little different.

As a mother, every small goal and stage of life of my children is a reason for joy. I can not imagine what your parents may feel upon learning that will be grandparents. Without either a phone call is enough, invest a little more time in his surprise worth.

Victoria, a new mother, took the Mother’s Day to give the news to her mother. He sent baby make a shirt with buttons (or onesie romper) with the legend “I love my grandma”.

Pedes find shirts for future grandparents on the Internet on this link to compare prices.

Remember to come back and tell your own story in contributions of readers: How do you announced your pregnancy? and read the experiences of other mothers-in Readers share: how announced your pregnancy.