How to keep a family together

Families, no matter what its composition should be a solid rock where babies and children can feel calm, safe and loved. Having a close family is possible if the people who make much love, much respect and public and private spaces for each offer. To have a united family the most important thing is to respect the roles of each member within the nucleus of the family.

These are some very specific tips that can help you maintain and strengthen family ties, do not hesitate to implement them.

Meet the needs of baby and children

If you have babies at home, the most important thing is that all your needs are met. A baby eats well, that Durme good, it’s clean, it has its moments of activity and rest and feel loved, is a quiet and happy baby. This contributes to family unity because it brings peace and harmony.

If there are older siblings at home is also important to meet their needs, they need a lot of time and support of parents, especially when a new member to the family arrives.

Teach manage emotions

The best gift we can give our children, and the best way to have a united and at peace is good management of emotions family. If your children have tools to face the difficulties, they will be balanced, sensible, calm and peaceful children. Teach your children to talk forever, and not react badly to adversity, if there is dialogue between all members of a family, surely the bonds will be narrower.

Remember that the best teacher is the example, the example of parents is essential for children to learn to control their emotions.

Spend time together

Spending time with family is essential, looking times for all are together, and to spend individual time with each child and with your partner. There are many opportunities to be together like food, story time, time to sleep, a song, a board game, a walk, so … Look ritual bonding as a family and try to become a habit.

Log off

Try to remain united that no interruptions, it is a time to stop working, to see the phones receive calls or watch TV in the family moments like food. Make these important moments are sacred moments and respect.

Try to disconnect from the world occasionally, do not watch television on weekdays, Saturdays turn off cell, or put the headphones to listen to music in the house … Look time to play, to chat, to cook …

Work problems stay at work

Try to separate your work life from your family life. This is easier said than done, but try to try. Search the talks at home are not stressful, looking to have fun and interesting conversations with your children, let them speak or ask what they want and seek a healthy attachment. If you have babies you can integrate and tell the brothers that help you feed him, to bathe, to sing, so …

Everyone has their turn

If you have several children let every man have his turn to speak with you, to have something that interests you. The important thing is that everyone shares and that each has its place. When we have babies sometimes we get carried away by the strong routine address them, but it is important that your other children can express themselves and have their attention span.

Time for other family members or friends

Looking to have a time for extended family and close friends. Visit the grandparents on weekends, or go see your friends if they have no family nearby, this becomes a ritual and give importance to your children to learn that the union between the people want is important and satisfying.

Family togetherness is learned and will strengthen ties for life. This strengthens links and brings peace and joy, are healthy moments and wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Forgive, learn and move on

Cultivate the unconditional love between siblings and their parents. Forgive the faults, correct them and move on with love and patience.

Help others

Search your children are grateful for what they have and to return some of that to their community, looking for foundations or places where you can expose your children to help and to give, not just receive. Christmas is a good time for this.

Help others develop the sense of unity and makes us better people.

Find time for adults

Adults also need time for ourselves. Look activities that fill or try to have time for those little important moments such as bathing, going out with friends, exercise, etc … It is also important to look for spaces for privacy, because this makes the couple is together and happy that they perceive children.


To have a united family, communication must be based on respect for love and understanding.