Episiotomy: what is it and who needs it?

Episiotomy is a surgical cut made in the perineum (the area of ​​skin between the vagina and anus) during labor to enlarge the vaginal opening. It sounds terrible, but do not worry, actually not all women need, it is done only when your doctor deems necessary for the safe birth of your baby, do not feel it, and there are steps you can take to prevent it.

Episiotomy performed routinely used to prevent tearing during childbirth and infections, but today it is known that it is not indispensable, and is used only at the discretion of the physician when

If your doctor or midwife deemed necessary, these are the steps you take

In most cases, you will not know if you need an episiotomy until you’re already on the birth of your baby, when you bid or when your baby has crowned (the top of his head is visible through the vaginal opening). However, you can decrease your chances of episiotomy require these measures

The care that you must have to heal your wounds, I recommend How to care for your episiotomy or tear after delivery.

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