Endometriosis: risk factors

Like their causes and their diagnosis, risk factors of endometriosis, ie, bias that a woman may have to suffer from this condition are not clear and the medical community need more evidence and research to reach to give more conclusive data.

Meanwhile, and after clarifying that there is still long way to go to understand this condition, we present the information on which the Mayo Clinic and the Ministry of Health Social Services and Equality of Spain agree on the subject.

1. menarche, menstruation and reproduction

2. lack of weight (although less) with the development of endometriosis is associated

3. Lifestyle

There are clues that excessive drinking and having a sedentary lifestyle can be related to the incidence of endometriosis

4. Environmental factors

It found a correlation (in an experiment cited by the Spanish Ministry of Health) between endometriosis and women’s exposure to dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyl compounds (PCB)

5. Genetic factor

Apparently women with sisters, mothers or aunts with endometriosis are more likely to suffer

6. State of gynecological health

Answer the test: What are the symptoms of endometriosis suffer?

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