Effective communication with your child

In my work as an elementary, a comment I hear often from their parents is: “My son does not tell me things I do not know what’s wrong or how you feel..”

How do you get an open, affective and effective communication with your children?

When you pick up your child from school and questions “How did it go?” The answer is usually “Good.” “What did you do?” “Nothing.” However, at another time it may surprise you with a multitude of details about his life. Do not force confidences.

Practice a receptive attitude and demonstrates a sincere interest: nothing kills communication as interrogate, lecture or interrupt to insert your point of view.

Get used to give each of your children a place and a time to talk with you. It can be a way to take a snow alone with you, or a little bit at night when younger siblings have already gone to bed, or even the time to share some task like washing and drying dishes.

Build this trust every day and your child will look like with its joys and doubts. It is a privilege to have this special approach. Valóralo and enjoy it!