Early symptoms of pregnancy (before you missing menstruation)

In pregnancy, changes in your body starting from the moment of conception. And although it is too early for a pregnancy test and still do not have a delay in your period, your body signals can guide your suspicions. Pay attention to these eight symptoms of pregnancy in the early days

Your breasts are the first to give physical signs of changes to come. Since the beginning of your pregnancy notes that appear small eruptions on your areolas (the dark circles around the nipple). These eruptions are called Montgomery glands and can be seen as pimples, kernels or pellets that were usually not noticeable. Your breasts also become more sensitive and soon begin to enlarge and areolas darken.

You can have a very slight vaginal bleeding between seven and ten days after fertilization possible, ie, when you had sex.

Everything you smell? You can be pregnant if suddenly notes smells that went unnoticed, or aromas that were used will cause revulsion. Other experience similar improvements senses except vision, rather may temporarily deteriorate during pregnancy.

In the first few weeks of pregnancy symptoms you may feel a slight discomfort. Not necessarily you feel sick, but you feel different, as in the beginning of a flu or after a tiring day. Those responsible for this general condition are other adjustments to your body during pregnancy, such as increasing your basal temperature (the temperature of your rested body, like when you wake up in the morning), increasing your heart rate and low blood pressure.

Your basal temperature (the wake) is around 36 degrees Celsius. Around the time of ovulation may increase average degree and stay there until the start of the next menstrual cycle. However, if it remains high more than 18 days may be a sign of pregnancy. To use this method you must have as a reference point control of your normal temperature, which you know very well if you use birth control basal temperature.

Nausea in pregnancy usually start towards the end of the first month of pregnancy, but some women may feel discomfort from the beginning (you may be interested in 12 remedies to relieve nausea in pregnancy).

How suddenly you’re tired all the time and no nap or night sleep solve it? Yes, this can also be a symptom of pregnancy. From conception, your body is given the task of initiating the necessary changes to support your pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy hormones make their own, especially progesterone and chorionic gonadotropin hormone.

If you have suspicions and symptoms seem to indicate a pregnancy, the next step is to take a pregnancy test, either homemade or laboratory. Here you have more information that you can serve

Your pregnancy week by week, your body changes and your baby’s development