Did you install the baby car seat correctly?

The mere fact that you do this question is enough to check the installation of the car seat for baby reason. And it is not over, as three out of four babies do not travel well secured in his chair to the car, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration Highway.

Fortunately, there are several tests that can perform to verify proper installation and how assured your baby, and you also have easy access to specialists who can correct any errors and confirm the safety of your newborn.

Once you have installed the base of the car seat for newborn (infants), tries to move with force. The basis of a properly installed seat should not move more than an inch sideways, forward or backward. If it moves more than that, you must carve more harness, either the seat belt or the LATCH system. The key is pulling too hard. If you is difficult, try to support all your weight on the base. If you do not succeed, help, do not let him loose or mountains until your baby is securely installed base and pass the test of an inch. You can use the free expert help in installing car seats (see list below).

This test helps you confirm that the seat belt is your little tight. A baby traveling on a too loose belt you risk being expelled completely or partially due to the impact in an accident. You may also be injured by the effect of whiplash in a collision.

The prick test is to use your index finger and thumb to pinch the baby safety belt, the level of his shoulder. If you can click a fold in the material of the belt it is too loose and need to adjust until you pass this test.

Before your baby is born, take your vehicle and the chair to be assessed by an expert in the installation of seats for the car. You can find them in hospitals, police stations or fire, but you must go to them before birth, since your seat should be installed so you can bring your baby home.

In the United States you can go to these institutions