Costume ideas for pregnant: How to dress up as famous pregnant

The famous pregnant offer a large selection of costumes that require little more than extravagant hairstyle (or wig), make-up and a few accessories. You can use your regular clothes, so they are also quite economical. Pay attention to the following celebrities and looks that characterize them, maybe you can take inspiration for your costume pregnant.

Known for its participation in reality TV show Jersey Shore MTV Snooki has such extravagant costumes as short stature is his-what makes it perfect as a model for disfraz-.

To dress up like her require a long wig, hopefully combine black and blond hair. If you have long hair, you just need to give volume, you can do with a press and quite fixer product. Snooki is also known for its quirky shoes several inches high (although not the most comfortable or safe if you’re pregnant) and flashy outfits, ranging from animal print to gaudy red. The final touch is a good layer of makeup and big accessories like earrings giant rings, long necklaces and many, many bracelets. If you have time, you can also wear long fake nails painted with a striking color.

The singer often used black dresses for their presentations, which makes this very simple and affordable costume. The key is to look like Adele hair: she uses the retro style, with lots of volume. Usually it uses loose, but also has chignons like you used to see in the sixties.

Although Adele has kept a low profile during her pregnancy and there are not many pictures of her tummy, her look is easy to imitate. Just in case, you can add accessories such as a microphone or a replica of its many Grammys. And the funny touch, what if you walk your music player with a song from Adele?

Adele announced her pregnancy personally to his fans through his website, in July 2012.

During their pregnancies, Kourtney Kardashian maintains its status as a fashion icon. Confesses, many of his pieces are not motherly, but normal clothes broader, long or larger sizes. You can use your hipper clothes or look vintage look that usually represent.

Her long black hair is easy to replicate with a dryer and curls at the ends. Maybe you should talk a little to let people know who you are. Their conversations are often paused, as with ellipses instead of endpoints in your prayers.

The actress is now in her fourth pregnancy, so you have many looks to choose from. The key to disguise as pregnant Tori Spelling is the hair article. His best known is cut straight points, Cleopatra style but a little longer. His light blond color of a single tone often replicated wigs. Tori usually wear black dresses, as shown in this photograph, which is also a very useful piece in your closet pregnant.