Can you prevent pregnancy loss?

In most cases, the loss or spontaneous abortion occurs for reasons beyond your control. Those you can not prevent and you should not blame yourself. However, there are other steps you can take to ensure optimal conditions for the development of a future pregnancy

Pregnancies often occur unexpectedly, but in ideal situations, you need to start preparing and planning ahead. Three months before the date you want to conceive you should see a doctor, make routine tests and gynecological health, and start taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins.

As you realize your pregnancy you should begin to take care, that goes without saying, but these are some of the factors that should pay more attention

Nutrition. Be sure to maintain a healthy diet and take supplements to recommend your doctor. You must also manage weight gain during pregnancy, because although it is normal that you increase 25 pounds total, excess puts you at risk of obesity complications in pregnancy.

prenatal care. It is you make monthly visits where your doctor to monitor the development of your baby and your pregnancy. More on this topic

Exercise. Try to stay active by level of exercise you’re used to. If you are an athlete, you can continue your routines as your doctor approves and not activities in which you risk falling. If you’re not very active, try to do at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking, swimming or using a stationary bike. More information Can I exercise during pregnancy ?.

Stress management. The intense stress without proper management could lead to a loss, malformation, stillbirth or complications in pregnancy.

Beware of drugs (including natural). From now on, everything you take it also takes your baby. Do not consume any medications without first talk to your doctor, even natural or herbal. More on this topic

Avoid environmental hazards such as exposing yourself to hazardous substances at work or cleaning chemicals.

Minimizes the chances of accidents or injuries, as strong sports, heavy lifting, falls, etc.

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