Can you have a natural birth after cesarean section?

Question: Can you have a natural birth after cesarean section?

Already you have children? Do you have been through a cesarean section? Do you wonder if you want to have your next baby or if you prefer just try to have a vaginal birth? These are questions that many moms do, so then you will find several answers, tips, information and suggestions so you can make an informed decision that suits you.


You always can have a natural birth after cesarean section?

No, there are certain circumstances that do not allow a woman to have a vaginal birth and doctors or specialists are those who have the last word.

Remember also that you may have your doctor decided to have a vaginal birth, but plans change during the course of pregnancy or during childbirth. You must be open to that this can happen, the most important thing is that your health and the baby is the best.

How do I know if I can have a natural birth after cesarean section?

To make a decision like this should talk to your gynecologist, your trusted doctor, your midwife, or any qualified specialist who can give you guidance on your doubts. What they will do is assess your situation and tell you what favorable and risky for your health factors and the baby.

Can we then have a natural birth after cesarean section?

For many years, and in many places it is believed that women can not have natural births after having a child through a caesarean section, but that’s not entirely true. Yes a woman can give birth vaginally after having had an intervention in his previous birth.

Statistics say that 4 women who have had Caesarean sections, 3 have been able to give birth naturally after.

Should I consider having my baby vaginally after having a C-section?

If you’re looking for advice, I’d say yes, why? Because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


And what are the disadvantages of having a baby vaginally are after having had a cesarean?


How do I can have a natural prepare for birth after having had a cesarean?

Prepare the same way as you would any woman who will give birth naturally, eat well, have moderate exercise, walk, attends psicoporofilácticos courses have prenatal yoga, talk to other moms or moms, learn about the different techniques to ease the pain of contractions, made a birth plan and decide who or who will accompany you on the birth of your baby. Statistics show that emotional support during labor decreases the chances of a Caesarean section is performed.