Banana bread

The banana bread is one of my favorite recipes, besides being delicious, it is very nutritious for children at home. I prepared in many different situations, such as I do as a snack for lunch boxes of the youngest and I pack in foil; I do as a snack in the afternoon when children reach school, or just serve it at breakfast on instead of offering bread.

You can also convert banana bread in a rich dessert, serve it on individual plates with a good homemade ice cream (it is very easy to do and avoid giving your children much sugar).

This recipe is the recipe my mom, all who come to her house love it!


Changes ingredients

Finally this banana bread recipe is a basis for creating new flavors. Sometimes change raisins for chocolate chips or dried cranberries, oats change two tablespoons of cocoa to look like a chocolate bread, milk will change orange juice, apple, peach or tangerine.

In short what I do is play with the ingredients, always bearing in mind that dry van into a container, and other liquids. If you follow this rule, you can change everything you want and achieve a single banana bread for your family, go for it to prepare and cook with your children, there are many good tricks to achieve it!