Baby Clothes: 10 items that needs your newborn

To all of us it’s the same: as soon as we find out the baby’s sex in search of all the baby clothes in pink or blue tones’ And if we are not we, do grandmothers and aunts -. But their first weeks of life are not the time for your child to become a fashion icon. And with all expenses involved in having a baby, savings in this department is no more.

The closet of your newborn requires very few -but necessary- items. Our list of clothing that requires helps you buy essential products for your newborn. The recommended amounts are enough for a week, anticipating accidents and your baby diaper dirty.

As for the size, if your baby is average size (six to nine pounds and about 20 inches), the newborn size clothes will fit perfectly during the first few weeks, but soon grow. If you want to get more out of your purchases, look for size 0-3 months will remain loose for a few weeks no more and you can use it for a couple of months.

Made mostly soft cotton onesies are the integral or essential part of the closet of your newborn. The pins on the bottom keep them in place, so that the foot is not out of his pants and was not overwhelms the shirt. The bottom conforms to the legs, allowing your baby to move freely. And the large and adjustable neck allows you to dress your little bottom-up (yes instead of putting the onesie putting his head first, you can put the baby’s legs for the part of the onesie neck and upload it into position! – this is one of the great secrets that only experienced mothers conocen-).

They are also very versatile: you can use them as a complete outfit in hot climates (there is nothing more adorable than a baby’s legs!), or inner layer of other suits. This serves the dual purpose of entertaining your baby in cold climates and protect your clothing in case of leakage of the diaper.

You can get integral with short or long sleeves, depending on weather. There are also simple and funny messages or decorations.

Recommended amount: 10

Like the shirts, pants must be soft so that your baby can move easily and does not irritate the skin cotton. Most pants must be long, but if you live in a warm climate may also consider short.

To avoid falling stockings, long pants with tiny foot are better built.

Recommended amount: 10

The material sleepwear baby depends on the climate where you live. They range from thin cotton to cloth, flannel and wool.

Built pajamas with little foot allow your baby is protected even if it moves and descobija while sleeping. To facilitate diaper changes at night, looking for openings pajamas with snaps on the bottom and both legs.

Recommended amount: 3

Because your head is still large in proportion to its body, a newborn loses more heat through it.

In the early days, it is important to prevent your baby feel cold, so protect your head with a hat is essential. Just make sure that the cap will not cover her face.

Recommended amount: 2 pairs

Your baby needs gloves to keep your hands warm after birth. The gloves also protect you from your nails, which are usually quite long and can cause scratches.

Gloves for newborn must be securely fastened on the wrists of your baby, not overtighten. Ideally, other than embroidery, so that no fibers become detached if your baby takes them to his mouth.

Recommended amount: 10

Pass protection of your belly rooms with air conditioning is a drastic change for your baby, especially regarding the temperature at which it is handled.

His feet can be kept warm with socks that fit tight so they do not fall, but he did not carve too.

Shoes are one of the 10 products that your baby does not need.

Recommended amount: 3

For more you esmeres you in diapering your newborn every three hours, accidents happen, usually when your baby is asleep in his crib. Three sheets allow you to use a clean every time this happens, do even if it happens twice in one night!

Recommended amount: 3

Baby towels are softer than those of adults, not irritate your skin. Some also have a cap that allows you to place the towel on the baby and raise it without this fall.

Also be sure to buy 10 baby wipes or wipes. These are extremely useful for bath time to clean the baby after eating or excessive salivation.

Recommended amount 5

Find two thick sleeping and leave home when it gets colder blankets. also you need three light blankets.

Takes into account the climate in which you find to entertain your baby. Remember it is important that you keep comfortable, but if your baby sweats, is a sign that can lighten the protection. Excess heat is also dangerous for your child.

At bedtime to sleep, do not put a blanket over because your baby can cover your face and have trouble breathing. Rather, the blanket should go under your baby and you can wrap it with her (you may be interested: How to prevent sudden infant death syndrome).