Another 10 misconceptions about why pregnancy loss

Spontaneous abortion often leads to anxiety, anguish and great pain to the mother. First, because it was not expected and second because pregnancy is one of the situations in life that fill most women very excited. According to data provided by the Mayo Clinic, about one in five women suffer this type of abortion during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Misconception 1: It was caused by a blow to the stomach, it is during the first twenty weeks when the fetus is very small and your body serves as a frame. Your stomach absorbs any impact and protects (This does not apply in cases of domestic violence in which the intention and the force of the blow can be fatal). Not so when the pregnancy is more advanced because the baby is larger and there is less ability to absorb impact, but the typical blow with the refrigerator door or a wall, because they do not calculate the size of your belly not usually because of a loss.