6 charities to love children

Showing affection family is healthy for your child, a fact that has been scientifically proven, but teach them compassion and participant in health and welfare of other children, is also a constructive affective behavior model for their development and mental health.

There are countless charitable organizations dedicated to benefit thousands of children on the planet in different areas of development. The interesting thing is that several of these organizations operate internationally and can find their offices in countries in Latin America and merge their respective programs.

Share with your child in school preschool, primary or the reality of other children can help in his own emotional development, which is part of its growth. As a parent you can be a model and offer positive reinforcement in their upbringing to strengthen their mental health.

According to 2008 figures from the World Health Organization (WHO by its acronym in English) in the world approximately 1.5 million child deaths from preventable diseases are recorded.

Thousands of people are dedicated to love and care for children in disadvantaged situations worldwide. Then I share six of the charities that benefit global child health.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts

Through its new virtual campaigns, UNICEF, “UNICEF Inspired Gift” program offers the opportunity to teach your child how to help other needy children around the world overcome famines, diseases and other health deficiencies. It also offers the opportunity to contribute to their education, purchase of sports equipment, and preventive medicine. All donations are distributed in 190 countries worldwide.

Locks for Love

If the problem is the budget, the organization receives donations Locks for Love hair. So you can donate your hair and this is used to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions such as cancer. Wigs are donated to pediatric patients according to their financial needs. According to figures from the organization more than 2,000 children in the United States and Canada have been helped by Locks of Love.

Canines for Disabled Kids

As its name suggests in English Canines for disabled children, or children with special needs. This nonprofit organization offers trained children under 12 years of age with autism have physical or hearing disabilities, are blind, suffer from seizures or have any chronic condition with which would benefit from the company’s dogs a trained dog. The idea is that not only offer canines company but to help them perform daily activities.

Tobacco-Free Kids

The campaign Snuff-Free Kids is to prevent children from becoming smokers and help current smokers to stop the habit. In addition the organization promotes campaigns to educate people about the harm of secondhand smoke on health and because children are passive smokers. Similarly, Tabacco-Free Kids try to generate pressure for agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English) to pass stricter laws and US taxes to control the snuff and advertising. The group also works and supports other agencies for the sale and advertising of cigarettes are restricted in children’s schedules in different countries in Latin America.

International Child Art Foundation

This nonprofit organization promotes children’s creativity through the arts. The Foundation organizing International Children Art is an art program for children who have experienced a traumatic event overcome their post-traumatic stress through art. They also organize exhibitions and children’s festivals with works of art of children in different countries on the planet. Every four years celebrates the ArtOlympics llamdas that benefit thousands of children.

Society for Drug-Free America

Partnership for a Drug-Free America helps families with information and education to raise drug-free kids. Through its educational programs, the organization helps parents and children to avoid drugs and alcohol. Therapy also helps find children use drugs.

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