5 tips for you to be an expert in the technique of coitus interruptus

Ejaculating outside the vagina as a contraceptive method is the method used by 10 percent of Americans. The effectiveness it provides is very similar to other methods, 20 out of 100 couples who use it to avoid pregnancy end up pregnant. To increase its effectiveness, like any other contraceptive method, efficient use and each time you have sex is paramount. But in this particular case the man has to master the technique to know how to retreat in time.

Here are several tips to master coitus interruptus

If you still can not get practicing consider another method of contraception, here we plant eight factors to be evaluated to choose a contraceptive method.

It is worth considering this technique as an option as long as you are in a monogamous, long-term relationship. No prescription, no hormones involved and promotes spontaneity, but as we have insisted that work must master it.

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