4 Key questions when choosing name for baby

Choosing the name for the baby is the first major parental decisions that affect the life of a child. It sounds like a great responsibility, but it is no reason to lose your cool.

Beyond the factors that are usually considered as the family tradition, harmony with the surname or possible nicknames, we have compiled a list of four key questions to consider when choosing the name of your child.

The meaning of the name of your baby is important only for parents, if applicable. Actually, the name does not define your little one, love to give him and his experiences themselves. That is, your daughter will not be treated with more love because his name means “unlovable” (Amanda), nor be feared if the meaning of its name is “carrier of force” (Irma). And in the case of men, your baby may also be called Peter, without going to relate to its meaning “stone”.

It is quite possible that your baby’s name will be mentioned beyond the borders of your country, and more so is this important aspect if you are Hispanic and you live in the United States.

Fortunately, there are many bilingual names that can be pronounced easily in English and in Spanish or require minor variations in spelling. In addition, Hispanic names have become more popular in the United States in recent years and can find inspiration in these lists

When you have the final list of baby names, use Google or other Internet search tool for learning about other famous people with that name or catchphrases with which it relates. For example, perhaps you remember the name Maria Cristina is usually followed by “I want to govern,” the song Compay Segundo, or Juana inevitably inspires the phrase “Cuban dances like Juana”.

This search can also reveal other less desirable aspects such as the case of Michelangelo, who used to be related to the painter of the Sistine Chapel and now emerges as a result a Mexican pornographic actor.

Sometimes insistence tradition or your partner makes names you do not like to be considered, but remember that there is the option of a second name to satisfy these requirements. So you can call your small as the great great grandfather Sigifredo without sacrificing a name most current stack. Or you can accept that his middle name is in honor of your mother who hates you, if you choose the first name.