Love, friendship and your children

There are times in the year when love and friendship receive much attention: on February 14 there signs in stores and it seems that any human being worth is happily related to someone special.

However, these celebrations can be painful for children, because the reality is often a little different. Especially at school age, children are looking for their place in the group and are particularly vulnerable to rejection.

How can you take advantage of a day like Valentine to help your child to become more self-esteem and practice the art of being a good friend?

At school, if children are going to take valentines, help your children make or buy their own. If it falls well and there is permission to take some candy to the whole room, then get to make heart cookies with your children, or salt them to buy candy. If no exchange of gifts, make sure your child wear something decent to participate.

At home, invite your children to make ornaments and little notes for all family members. This environment you control it and it is important that all contributions are accepted and there is something for everyone.

Here you have the opportunity to strengthen the spirit of the day, including all and expressing special appreciation for each.

A child who has the experience of belonging to a family that expresses love is strengthened because he feels accepted and appreciated from home.

Despite what you say in the media or at school, what really counts is not what you get but what you give.

Teach your children that true friends want to make others happy. A gift card or detail should not be part of a competition but a way to show your appreciation to your friends and make them feel good.

It is especially important that they get used to demonstrate their gratitude to anyone who makes an effort for them.

Consequently, however small or insignificant gift card they receive, they must feel graced to receive these attentions of someone, both at home and at school.

Not make you ugly any gift, thinking first of the person who gives it and then the object itself.

Ahead of talks with management and the teacher to know what the “official” plans for the day are.

If the teacher is promoting a celebration with gift exchange for example, it is vital that it commits itself to include everyone and to monitor their attitudes so that nobody is left out or suffer criticism for the gift that brings.

If the school does not have specific plans for this day, it is appropriate to ask whether to monitor “spontaneous” activities that will surely arise from the initiative of children.

If you have time, offer your help planning a small potluck.

You have the right to demand that the school does not promote celebrations that exclude or discriminate against any student.

It is a good opportunity to put into practice the principles of friendship letting your children invite their peers.

Eye: when planning this event, think about the values ​​that you are promoting. If you do not want to invite all the comrades of the room, invite it uses pure pure girls or children. Or just your kids pick one friend to everyone. What it is not is to invite all but one or two.

Before guests arrive, remind your children that all activities must be inclusive, they have to practice tolerance and acceptance, and that must be good and polite hosts.

Show your love for your children and your partner in a special way this February 14th with a special detail.

It can be bought, made by you, or something non-material but significant as a sign of special affection, giving your time and attention.

It is an opportunity to make a mark in a pleasant memory of this day.

Make an inn at home with your children

2000 years ago, when Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to be counted in the census proclaimed by the Roman emperor, the Bible says they found no inn. They went from inn in inn looking for shelter, until finally stayed in the stable where baby Jesus was born. To remember this search, Latinos have the habit of inns. Festéjalas with your children using the following ingredients

If you are using pilgrims birth, place them on a little board so that they can carry.

According to tradition, the group sing out four times asking for posada, and the answers in group four times rejecting the pilgrims.

Your children distributed between the two groups to have the experience of being on both sides. Help them to read the litany to participate with everyone.

This moment is what everyone has expected, and if you make sure your children understand the context, enjoy it with great excitement.

The characteristics of happy children

As parents, there is nothing that matters more than the happiness of our children. Here is a checklist of the characteristics of happy children. From this list, how many qualities abound in your house?

In general, children are more adept at it than adults.

Instead of living hoping that something good will happen in the future, or be embittered by what has already happened, happy people know how to focus on the moment and get juice from current experiences.

At home, you can encourage this quality as well

People who know forgive and forget are given the opportunity to be happy, leaving behind the negative experiences of the past.

“Today I behaved well, today enjoy the positive effects of my behavior.”

And if I’m wrong today, tomorrow I have a chance to start over.

Happiness is within reach of my hand TODAY.

Beware assume future commitments you can not keep. Promises may be false to mere hours, then avoid them.

For your children to be happy, do not overload them with activities and responsibilities beyond their age.

Keep informed about the progress and learning your children in school.

It’s good to focus on a single activity, to devote themselves to learn and to enjoy a while especially prepared for them.

The structure plan makes it possible to measure and optimize the use of time for leftover moments for recreation and rest.

This time can be used to live with siblings and neighbors playing outdoors, to read or to watch a favorite television program. Even your children have the right to be bored for a while, looking for their own entertainment.

The ability to engage in something unplanned and be happy using their own imagination and personal resources for entertainment is key to happy people.

In any situation, do your children see the bright side, or are accustomed to complain and to expect the worst?

Happy people have the ability to look for the good in both people and events. Someone who can see the best receive the best: people behave as we expect.

It is also important to always find a positive solution to the problems instead of leaving us hovering.

This gift of optimism is inherited, or taught by example. At home you can strengthen this by making sure that you also you project a positive attitude towards life.

Known competent to solve problems and face challenges successfully is the key to power.

At home how many opportunities your children have to accomplish tasks without help? Do they help with household responsibilities? You know that you and the rest of the family depend on your cooperation?

Do you let your children make mistakes, and seek to correct their own mistakes?

All these practices at home are key for children to feel useful and capable.

A person who knows valuable and competent to participate in family life and school pride and belonging has two essential ingredients for happiness.

To be happy, we must be realistic, accepting that no one is perfect.

First, at home your children must learn to accept themselves, allowing mistakes and having tolerance to frustration. Patience with oneself is first: it is the base to be learning and growing.

It is also important to be realistic about adults in their environment.

You can help by considering the following

OK dads with all its defects is one of the biggest challenges for a child. Overcoming this challenge educate your children to be generous and tolerant of others.

In the case of a divorce, to accept that dad or mom do their best but do not always meet our expectations frees your children much suffering.

They can not be happy if your happiness depends on circumstances beyond their power: they must be known loved and accepted, but castles in the air as to the absent person.

To celebrate and enjoy each moment is the essence of living happy. Cherishes the moments of conviviality, when you have the privilege of your children share their unique and simple perspective on the world.

If we could all live as children, we would be happier.

How to bathe a baby dry

Bathing a baby can be a cumbersome procedure, so many moms, and many pediatricians recommend not to bathe babies under one year every day, but alternate baths in the shower or tub, with baths dry . This is very common and has no contraindications, a baby need not really be completely bathed every day of his life. So dry bath is a great option, as it is done with care and dedication.

Dry bathrooms are practical, quick, and should always be not bathe a child otherwise. Babies collect milk in their folds of the neck and behind the ears, and also to keep a proper hygiene, bathrooms the calm, the calm down and are a special time for him and who makes them.

Required time

20 minutes



Do I need to dry the bathroom


If you have a very fussy baby, try to put a mobile on the changing table or place where you go to bathe. Also you can sing, read or tell things while you bathe.

Talk to your baby, tell every step of what you’re doing hard the bathroom: “Now I’ll clean your face, now coy wet cotton wool to wipe your head …” and he will become familiar with the words one day he will repeat.

Postpartum Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte photos and more

Diana Princess Charlotte Elizabeth, better known as Kate Middleton baby, and had her first photo shoot and here you have the result: an adorable portrait of siblings. Meanwhile, it seems that Kate advances postpartum great, and just two months after birth and wears her usual slim figure, though not entirely abandoned his maternal clothing. Also at this time they begin preparations for the christening of the new princess.

The official photographs of Princess Charlotte were published when little was barely a month early June 2015. Who knows what magic behind the photo shoot, but her baby quiet leaves up and smiling in the picture you see in this article and the other three images released on the website of the English Crown.

As Prince George, this is also his introduction to the world paparazzi, because until now his life has been very private.

Kate Middleton has kept a low profile since giving birth, and no wonder. And when their role makes her a few formal presentations, as the birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the mother prefers to leave your baby at home.

In mid-June, Kate attended a charity polo match which involved her husband and his brother. Of course, she and Prince George’s attention cameras won and that is where we find that there is no trace of her pregnancy: Princess looks slim and beautiful as ever. What is your secret? We do not know, it is a real secret, but Kate had the same fate after the birth of Prince George, when in a matter of month and a half and looked like nothing. If you do not have resources or are not genetically lucky as Kate, you might want How to lose weight after pregnancy and FAQ: When I can start exercising after giving birth?

However, according to US Weekly, denim pants (jeans) Kate used the polo game day are actually jeggins for pregnant maternity brand Topshop. That is, perhaps Kate has not returned completely to their pre-pregnancy body, but used clothing maternal postpartum also uses, see you for princesses! Comfortable jeans will always be a comfortable jeans, even with elastic waist.

The christening of the princess will be on July 5, the statement of the English Crown. If all the details echo the christening of his brother, Princess Charlotte wear the replica of trousseau family christening, handmade by the designer of Queen Elizabeth, the event will be private, only the presence of the family, photographer assigned and godparents (which could be up to seven or more) and the baptismal water will be brought from the Jordan River. So are the royal christenings. Now come the official photos.

How should I take the pill

Birth control pills should be taken as instructed package provider indicates to have the greatest effectiveness. The effectiveness of the pill is a 91 to 95 percent, if properly taken. According Familiy Pact effectiveness is 91 percent, the United States Department of Health and Human Services says it is 95 percent. These data differences are highlighted to emphasize that we must properly take pills to prevent failure.

There are two types of birth control pills on the market, the combination of hormones and one hormone, we explain

No matter what type it is the pill you take, there are certain rules that apply to all

Birth control pills have other therapeutic uses and their benefits are

Go to the nearest clinic or your gynecologist to see which option is best for you.

Sources; Family PACT: Choosing Your Birth Control Method – Education Materials / FY2011-12 / 2013-0204_508_Choosing-Your-BC-Method_ENG.pdf. Retrieved on May 15, 2013; U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Birth Control Pill Fact Sheet. Retrieved on May 15, 2013

Your sons and addictions: alcohol

In our fast-paced age, children are exposed to “environmental” challenges such as alcohol at younger and younger ages.

Is it appropriate that children take at family gatherings? Is it that teens (and preteens) drink under “adult supervision”? And finally, where the attraction is that alcohol has on the kids?

The presence of alcohol as a social drink at home or at parties involves handle it in a healthy and conscious way. You can help your children avoid the risk of addiction or abuse thinking about the following questions.

If you miss your daily snack before eating to relax, you can always be a harmless habit and you do not alter your mood.

If you handle alcohol in a responsible and honest way in front of your children, you are giving the pattern to hope that people can take without abuse.

Do your children have seen you drunk? Do you transform under the influence of alcohol and do or say things that cause you regret later?

If your children see you lose self-control, mourn or insulting when you drink, they will come to think that so are the people when they take. If you have a problem with alcohol abuse, you should seek help for the sake of your children and your family.

And if you are totally against the use of alcohol at home, you should think that your children will surely be in places outside your home where someone is taking, and therefore need to talk to them so they know handled in other environments.

Who are your friends? If you are old enough to go to parties without her parents, who oversees?

It is important to have good communication with your children so you know where they are active when they walk out of the house.

Keep a close and positive relationship with the parents of your children’s friends so they can not agree among all youth serving alcohol at parties, whether high school graduations, or quinceaneras.

In addition to the occasional party and social drink that is served there, these difficult or uncomfortable situations can lead your child to seek refuge in drink.

Although taking does not guarantee acceptance, it can lower your anxiety level and make you think you do not mind being accepted.

If you suspect your child is in a situation of harassment, you must intervene to protect their health and physical integrity.

Stay close to prevent your child is unsupervised in places accompanied by the stalker, and monitors their behavior to make sure they are not taking. The harasser complaint to the school and municipal authorities if they know you are giving your child alcohol.

Despair and fear can orillar a child to seek relief in alcohol. At home it is important to help your children manage their fears in a healthy way, and to take refuge in the family unit rather than feeling alone against the world.

Say NO to violence at home for the healthy environment in your home can nurture your children and spare them the need to escape from their daily reality.

At home you should keep alcoholic beverages in a safe place, and be aware of their use to ensure that no one can take without your knowledge.

In the United States there are laws on drinking age. In most states, it is forbidden to 21 years. In Mexico and some Latin countries, there is no such official restrictions.

However, there must be clear rules at home about alcohol use. Your children should know that is absolutely forbidden to take without your permission.

And before you leave, think about it: there are studies by pediatricians suggest a very high tendency to be addicted among people who have started drinking before age 14. This trend is expected to drop dramatically when up to 21 years to make.

Like everything else, you have to wait for the body and mind have adequate maturity to responsibly manage substances that are not for children’s consumption.

To avoid falling into addiction, we must support children with a home environment that strengthens the following.

Your pregnancy week by week ultrasound images

Each week of pregnancy marks a major step in the development of your child. This ultrasound image gallery lets you track their growth and see the changes in the appearance of the baby as the pregnancy progresses.

You can also learn all the details of the development of your baby Pregnancy Pregnancy week by week and month by month.

What is endometriosis?

Nobody really knows how much is a lot of pain, being a personal experience pain is impossible to measure. Even, there is the concept of threshold of pain that makes it even more difficult to classify standardization levels of pain that humans experience. Why is this important? Because one of the easiest to detect symptoms of endometriosis is causing pain during and around the days of menstruation.

Endometriosis is a hormonal and immune system disorder. According to Dr. Silber, there are suspicions that women with endometriosis, the immune system works them differently than the rest form.

The answer is not satisfactory as the reason for this condition is unknown. Some doctors awarded him the immune system, but others are not convinced by the absence of conclusive evidence. What I can explain is how it happens.

Endometrial cells implant and grow outside the uterus during menstruation.

When endometrial cells are directed and implanted in the fallopian tubes and the pelvic area is known as retrograde menstruation.

Answer the test: What are the symptoms of endometriosis suffer?

35 weeks pregnant

From 35 weeks of pregnancy your little one has a very important job: to accumulate fat to maintain their body temperature after birth. For you, this is the time to meet two important requirements to protect the health of your small: vaccinated against whooping cough and get tested Strep B.

Arriving at 35 weeks of pregnancy your baby may gain weight at the rate of 0.5 pounds (226 grams) per week. Most of that gain is fat that accumulates under the skin, in their limbs and shoulders, and help you maintain your body temperature in the outside world. Currently 15% of their weight is fat, and that figure will increase to 30% at birth. Another important part of weight increases your little one goes to your brain, which will double its size here at the time of birth (you may be interested: How pregnancy weight distributed?

By now your baby’s lungs are considered “mature enough”. That is, born at this time, most babies have the ability to stand on their own and require no treatment to mature the lungs (as there are no further complications). Some babies may have mild breathing difficulties.

Other milestones in the development of your baby

This month your date control includes an additional test: group B streptococcus, a bacterium that lives in the vagina of 25% of pregnant women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although B streptococcus is harmless for the mother, the bacteria can infect the baby during delivery and affect the lungs, brain, spine or blood, and even cause death.

The test for Group B streptococcus is done in your doctor’s office. It is a quick process in which a sample of your vagina and rectum with a cotton swab for analysis in a laboratory is collected. To be positive, you will receive antibiotics during labor to prevent transmission to the baby. The treatment can not be applied before that, because the bacteria may come back.

Another measure you can take to ensure the health of your newborn is vaccinated against whooping cough, a highly contagious disease that can be fatal to your child. You should apply Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) during the third quarter of each pregnancy, as recommended by the CDC and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Between weeks 27 and 36 of pregnancy is the right time so that your system has the ability to process the drug, creating antibodies and transferred to the baby through the placenta.

Other symptoms, discomfort and care to reach 35 weeks of pregnancy.

following weeks

previous weeks